2020 January
Volume 4 | 30 January 2020
Agriculture Monitoring in the Americas
Agricultura Monitoreada en las Américas
Greetings and wishing you all a great 2020.

Saludos y les deseo a todos un gran 2020.
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Chile's MINAGRI Hosts Meeting on Satellite Tools for Drought
written by Antonio Sanchez (UMD)

On December 18, 2019, at the facilities of the National Agricultural Research Institute (INIA) in the region of Valparaiso, Chile, the Workshop "Training for the use of Satellite Tools developed by NASA for Monitoring of Drought in Chile" was held. In that context, AMA representative Antonio Sanchez (Universit of Maryland UMD) presented the work carried out by GEOGLAM, AMA, and the NASA Harvest program. INIA representatives presented several tools available for decision-makers to forecast drought and its impacts on agricultural productivity. Members of the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile (MINAGRI) especially highlighted their collaboration with the NASA DEVELOP program, which led to the development of the Hydrological Anomaly Engine (HAE) software for the development of monitoring indicators and early warning of droughts.

The framework of this event answers to the guidelines established for Disaster Risk Reduction in the 2015-2030 period, for the National Determined Contribution (NDC) that Chile has presented in the context of the Paris Agreement. It is also part of the commitment assumed by MINAGRI to establish a National Agroclimatic Risk Management System as part of the National Climate Change Action Plan (2008-2012), endorsed again in October 2013.

This meeting was attended by Alyssa Whitcraft (AMA Lider; GEOGLAM Secretariat; NASA Harvest), Antonio Sánchez (UMD), and Cristóbal Campos and Marcel Fuentes representing the AgroInformatics Section of the Research Institute Agricultural (INIA). The Chilean Ministry of Agriculture organized it through the Emergency and Agricultural Risk Management Section (SEGRA) and INIA.

Antonio Sanchez presented the work done by the AMA initiative to this day as well as its medium and long-term objectives. He highlighted the possibilities of international cooperation opened through this initiative and its impact at both regional and national levels. He highlighted the GEOGLAM Crop Monitor, developed and implemented within the framework of the GEOGLAM initiative.

Dr. Whitcraft stressed the need to support international cooperation initiatives as well as open data policies. These actions allow common goals to be achieved more quickly and efficiently.

AMA in the News | AMA en las Noticias
AMA participant Dr. Francisco Zambrano (Universidad Mayor, Centro Hemera, Chile) published an opinion in Chilean news website La Tercera. The title, "How to live without water" was published in Spanish and speaks of Chile's major drought from recent months.

El Dr. Francisco Zambrano (Universidad Mayor, Centro Hemera, Chile), participante en AMA, publicó una opinión en el sitio web chileno de noticias La Tercera. El título, "Cómo vivir sin agua" fue publicado en español y habla de la mayor sequía de Chile en los últimos meses.
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EO for Agriculture Under Pressure
Frascati, Italy
Hosted by ESA & European Commission

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Santiago, Chile

There will be session related to AMA and agricultural monitoring in general. INIA-Uruguay, Centro Hemera, INIA-Chile, UMD, and others will attend.
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About AMA / Sobre AMA
The Agricultural Monitoring in the Americas (AMA) Community of Practice is an open community composed of national and international agencies concerned with agricultural monitoring and food security in the Americas (from Canada to Chile). It is convened in the context of GEOGLAM Latinoamerica and AmeriGEO. Please share this with your communities to increase awareness of AMA and the work we are doing.

La Comunidad de Práctica de Agricultura Monitoreada en las Américas (AMA) es una comunidad abierta compuesta por agencias nacionales e internacionales relacionadas con el monitoreo agrícola y la seguridad alimentaria en las Américas (desde Canadá hasta Chile). Se convoca en el contexto de GEOGLAM Latinoamerica y AmeriGEO. Por favor, comparta el boletín con sus comunidades para aumentar el conocimiento de AMA y el trabajo que estamos realizando.